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Restore only data that has changed since last restore

Level 2

We have a new server(not in prod yet) has that been built to replace an old one, an initial restore of data from the old server was done to the new one, now we need to restore only any changed data from the old server to the new one before it goes into prod.

Is there a way to do this?

Also both servers are Hyper V - no client installed, Netbackup 10.0

I could just do a full restore somewhere and Robocopy, but hoping the above can be done within Netbackup it self.





Level 6

Hi @MrDobalina 

I think your best option is to start again and restore the latest backup to a new VM (this will recover the last full and any subsequent incremental backups in one go. 


It's a remote site with a slow link and media server is not onsite.  Hence we were trying to do a full restore and then apply changes that would be alot smaller just before it goes live.