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Restore stuck forever from VTL library on "media needed"

Level 2


I use the netbackup 8.1 for backup the data file of the client server on the local VTL ( DataDomain ) with NDMP protocol

File restore is stuck forever:

09:11:28 14/12/2022 - begin Restore
09:11:29 14/12/2022 - number of images required: 1
09:11:29 14/12/2022 - media needed: 0120L5   

Please assist

Thanks in advance! 


Level 5

A really simple question does the 0120L5 cartridge exist? if it does can you run a report for images on it?

Yes, I can list images on that cartridge by bpimmedia -L -mediaid 0120L5

Level 5

Are you able to list the media in the robot try running 

vmcheckxxx -rt (robot type i.e.TLD) -rn (robot number i.e. 2) 

Try moving the media using robtest to another slot

I'm able to list the media in the robot ( VT library by DataDomain ) successfully 

by vmcheckxxx.

Moved to free slot:

m s120 s544
Initiating MOVE_MEDIUM from address 1144 to 1568
MOVE_MEDIUM complete

A new restore job has started, same state of waiting for media mount.


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from the DD side, check if tape is mounted in a tape drive
and if it is mounted check the netbackup device monitor for the same.

If the answer is yes for both, maybe there is a tape misconfiguration in netbackup.

If  the tape is not mounted check the device monitor for pending request.

another think you must check is if the tape or the drive is "in use"


Hi @ludaca 

Where does NetBackup think the tape resides (i.e. does it think it is in the library)?

Maybe you simply need to reinventory the robot for the VTL to pick up the current location of the tape


When the restore is started, nothing happens: from the DD side tape is not mounted, I can move it to empty drive by robtest command and then I can see it assigned in DD. From the NB, no "action" in Device Monitor, and job stuck in :

media needed: 0120L


Hi @ludaca 

If you manually move the tape, NetBackup will not know where to find it. Every time you manually alter the location of tapes in the library you need to re-inventory the library in NetBackup.