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Restore success but file not restored

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Moved to new post from an old 2007 discussion...

Dear All.
I am facing same problem.
I want to restore system state and shadow copy component of a serevr to another location.
For some server I can restore system state & shadow copy to another location successfully.
But for some servers I can't restore it. It shows that "1: (0) the requested operation was successfully completed ", kilobyte written 14266176, but no files copied.
Any solution?

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Do you have bprd log on the master server?
This will show us initial job setup and tell us if NBU believes that the restore should go somewhere else.
Look for 'restorefiles' entries for this particular restore attempt.

If bprd log folder does not exist, create it and restart NBU.
Retry the restore.
Locate the restorefiles entries and post here.

Good idea if you also tell us which process you followed to perform the restore.

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Original 2007 post :

Post that old should not be added to.
Rather start a new discussion and tell us about your situation.
Quote the URL of a previous post if you feel that you have a similar problem.

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Try to check if the file is hidden :) 

cd folder_with_restored_file

dir /AH