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Restores Without Reverse Resolution On Default Configuration

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I have been tasked with an unusual requriement to "troubleshoot a success" for a customer's restore job. 


Master: Solaris 10 NB 7.1

Media: Red Hat 2.6 NB 7.1

Client: Windows 2008 NB 7.1 (VMware guest, VADP Flash-windows backups).

There is no reverse lookup for the client.  The master server fails to resolve anything using either of two commands:

# nslookup <client IP address>

# bpclntcmd -ip <client IP address>

The client's registry is set to the default,


Yet, we can successfully run restores from the client's Backup, Archive, And Restore Console.

From the client, I still cannot reverse-resolve the IP address with nslookup <client IP address>, but I can resolve it with bpclntcmd -ip <client IP address>.

Still, though, all Symantec documentation insists that the reverse resolution is required on all three tiers (master, media, client) for all three tiers.  Shouldn't this restore fail?

(Yes, the customer does insist on a thorough root cause for this "successful restore".  It's not worth explaining why on the forum.)





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So you are saying that you have installed the Netbackup client software in the VM for which you are making VADP Flash-windows backups, correct?

what type of VM backup you are making..Full VM or Mapped Full VM?

are you doing restore directly to the VM? or to the backup host?

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Otherwise, it compares the host name to the list of known server host names.


could be it finds it there so it succeeds



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I confirmed the REVERSE_NAME_LOOKUP = ALLOWED by using bpgetconfig -M <clientname> from the master server, so I know it is in the right place.


I am using Mapped Full VM.


I am initiating the restore from the VM and writing it directly to the VM (to an alternate directory).


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Is there any form of reverse-resolution that might be happening in the job that bpclntcmd would not catch?


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For file backup operations the reverse lookup doesn't come in to play in my experience. Its much more involved in agent type backups


Where did you see its required? I've only ever seen recommendations.