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Restoring Data with Tar on Windows 2003?

Level 2
Hi - I have a netbackup 4.5 FP8 master / media server running on windows 2003 std server sp 1. The 2 drives are both Ultirum 1 LTO. The media and drives are in a ADIC Scalar 100 robot.

I am trying to restore data from older expired media that will not import in the traditional way due to its being incomplete. How can I use tar to retreive what files still do exist? I have seen the Solaris version of a howto and have applied what i can however the tpreq command fails to mount the media. and i am wary about mounting manually because when I do it mounts the tape as writable. Any help would be appreciated.


Level 6
I never try using tar to restore on Windows before but looking at the article from VERITAS regarding tar restoration based on solaris...

I belive it still possible on Window. Try download GNU tar and mt command,

use robtest command to move tape to drive and proceed restore. The thing to take note is the block size. In windows, the default block size used is 64.

However, this is just a suggestion from me and i never try it before so i suggest you do a test run first. Hope this helps


Level 6
I suggest using the tar.exe located in

Level 6
Hi Thomas,

What's the result? Have you get tar to work in Windows???
Do update us, i'm interested to know the result