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Restoring Individual Mailboxes using Exchange 2010 GRT - Socket read Failed (23)

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Any help/advice on this issue would be appreciated.

I have managed to successfully back up an Exchange 2010 using GRT however when attempting to restore individual mailboxes or subfolders my restore fails with the error 23 Socket Read failed.

Although I  am selecting the DAG within BAR, when the restore initiates a new stream in activity Monitor  appears (in addition to the main DAG stream), named EMAILACCESS.[XXX].[XXX]. I suspect the issue is arising from here, possibly to do with the FQDN stored in the Host file, but even though i have tried including the short Domain Name as well as the FQDN I cannot get any further without it failing.

NFS has been configured as has the correct login accounts required for Exchange.


NB 7.0.1

Master/Media Servers - Windows 2003

Exchange 2010 on Windows 2008 R2