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Restoring NB6.5 bu, using NB701

Level 2


I am hoping this is as simple as reading and importing the content of the tapes, however I am hoping someone can let me know if there is anything else I should do.

I have been requested to perform a restore for data that was backed up in my old Netbackup 6.5 environment. This hasn't been a problem until I officially retired the server and pulled it out of the rack. Now I only have my Netbackup 701 environment and will have to use it to conduct the restore.

Will I be able to load the tape into the library, import and then restore, or do I have to configure something, or run a command etc?

Old Env.

Netbackup 6.5.0

Windows Server 2003 SP2x64


New Env.

Netbackup 7.0.1

Windows Server 2008 R2





Level 6

Follow the necessary steps to do a Phase I & Phase II import - your images should then be available for you to restore.

Covered by a nice little step-by-step guide: