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Restoring Tables, Functions and views in SQL Server


I dont know if it is possible.

I have one environment with three SQL Server 2005 and my backups are working fine.

I already restored the entire database to the same server and different server and worked fine too.

My doubt is the following.

Can I restore only one table, function or view?

Kind Regards.


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Sorry to say but the answer is  NO  - you can not  restore one table in MS sql

that is possible with oracle 


OK... I already

OK... I already suspected.

You said that in Oracle environment I can restore one table... But in the guide I read that to restore a table it's necessary to make a entire restore of database.

What is the procedure to restore a table in oracle environment?

Kind regards.




Please believe on admin guides


For oracle please open new

For oracle please open new thread.

Multiple question in single thread would confuse others while searching for solution relevant to theirs