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Restoring virtual machine using Netbackup CLI

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Hay there!

I'm running Netbackup 7.6 on a win2k12 server, which acts both as master and media server.

I'm using it in order to back up VMware virtual machines, and now I'm tring to automate my restore proccess.

After reading about the nbrestorevm cmdlt, I feel that I still cant' figure out how to properly use it, and was hoping that someone here could guide me thrugh it. 

The main things that I need to achieve are the following:

1. Restore the VM from the latest backup.

2. Name the restored VM diffrently from the source VM.

3. Restore the VM to a diffrent data store.

4. Use the same data store for all the VM's VMDK files.

5. Retain the VM's original hardware version.

6. Retain the original network configuration.

So... how the hell do I do that? Any help would be much appreciated! 



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so are you looking for instant VM recovery which is new feature in7.6? or normal VM recovery?

what do you mean by "now I'm tring to automate my restore proccess"



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I would like to see this from the normal VM Recovery 7.5.x.x as well as the New Instant VM Recovery feature in

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The nbrestorevm is designed for instant recover - scripting a normal vmware restore is a bit more complex though if you look through your logs for a normal vmware restore you can see the command used to do such a restore

For instant recover you need to create a file used for rename commands and specify that file during the command

To use the latest image you do not need to do anything - it will be selected by default so no need to include a time range

In the file you can add lines such as (for your above questions in order from 2 to 6)

change vmname to newservername

change resource pool to /Tech1/ (this should also cover 4)

5 is done by default

6 is done by default

The admin gude, section 11 is pretty good and does go through all of these examples, what they mean and how they can be used

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I have 6 sites that I'm backing up using Netbackup, and due to regulation I need to do restores weekly in each site. doing it manually is a bit time consuming, so I'm writing a script to do the restores for me...

And, I'm looking for a normal recovery.