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Retention Level

Level 4
Hellow one of my backup is running from 12 days and the retention is for 2 weeks how can i go ahead n change the retention when backup is running please advice.

Level 6
You cannot change the retention of an active NetBackup image. The better question is how can I reduce the time for taking a backup? 12 days? yewow...what are you backing up through, a 9600 baud modem? try smaller chunks.

Bob Stump
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You can change retention of an image, but you have to wait until the backup completes. If a backup is taking 12 days, something needs to be fixed. I don't know of many use cases where recovering the data back to where it was 12 days ago would be any help. 

Technical Product Manger

Level 4
Yeah but i have seen backup images. Its small but millions of files. And flash does not support that. I have seen backup images with backup ids on reports(Images on media). I Know how to change its rent period but is it going work.?


Level 6
As soon as you change the retention level on any image it gets applied to all of the files, which are part of this image irrespective of few files or millions of files.

What you have intially asked, how to change the retention on the backup which is in progress and the answer is --- You can not change retention on the backup currently in progress. You can change the retention only after it completes successfully or partially successful.

Your backup is running for 2 weeks, which means if you need to recover the whole backup set it will take longer than 2 weeks and the question comes can you afford a restore to run for longer than 2 weeks.

You should revisit the approach you have taken to backup this data, if flashbackup is not the solution then you may want to split this backup in multiple pieces (may be at directory level) or make the client as SAN media server or make it a SAN client.

Level 4
I thought I had issues!
I have large file servers, millions of small files but have reduced down from 3 days to 15 hours by multistreaming & staggered schedules.
In some scenarios I gained 10% increase by tuning AV scans & massive 30% by rectifying NTFS compression / capacity issues.

I get about 5MB / sec throughput per stream which is bad but yours could be way worse.