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Reuse Tape with different barcode

Level 3

I have about 40 LT04 Tapes that have been deleted from netbackup and new barcode labels have been placed on these tapes. Before relabeling the tapes an erase was done but now i'm unable to reuse the tapes with the new label because it still has the old media id on the tape.  What is the best way to get the media id changed to match the new label? If i try to invoke a vmchange query it tells me the volume does not exist in the database, i'm assuming because the old tape label was deleted from the database. I don't have the old barcode labels.  Thanks in advance.


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You say you have relabeled AND erased the tapes? That should've cleared the media header.
Surprised that it didn't work.

Can we assume that you have already inventoried the robot with new labels in place?
If so, use the following procedure:
Use the label function in Media section of the GUI. De-select 'verify label' option.
Let us know how it goes.

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make sure all 40 tapes are expired & ready to re-write.

1. make sure tape are not write protected (check physical lock on tapes)

2. insert 10 tapes in library & run inventry from netbackup & all 10 tapes are visible in netbackup

3. select all newly added 10 tapes & do right click & click on "Label" option & remove checkmark on "verify media label before performing opration"

4. monitor label jobs status in activity monitor

5. once label jobs done you can use these tapes for writing for backups.

They were not relabeled by using the GUI and clicking "Label".  They just were "Long Erased", then taken out of the library and a new barcode label was put on. The old media ID's were deleted from the database.

They inventory fine with the new barcode label but they will not mount in the drive. If i do a "Label" from the GUI without the check mark i gett the following message.

  A pending request has been generated for this resource request. 
          Operator action may be required. Pending Action: Tape is unmountable, 
          Media ID: M02801, Barcode: M02801, Density: hcart, Access Mode: Write, 
          Action Drive Name: N/A, Action Media Server: Robot Type(Number): 8(0), 
          Volume Group: 000_00000_TLD, Action Acs: N/A, Action Lsm: N/A

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Have you verified physical hardware compatibility?

Is the tape drive the same type as the media or no more than one level higher?
e.g - LTO4 tape (media) can only be written by LTO4 and LTO5 tape drive.
LTO6 tape drive can read LTO4 tape, not write to it. 

If this is fine - check NBU config:
the media and tape drive densities must match.
NBU will only mount hcart tape in hcart drive.

Yes it is the same.  It's currently in the same library just with a different barcode label.

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I would checked command


and its syntax and scripted that.... Most important woudl be -o switch which stands for:

-o Unconditionally overwrites the selected media ID. If this option is not specified, bplabel prompts for permission to overwrite the media that meets any of the following conditions:

Contains a NetBackup media header.

Is a NetBackup catalog backup media.

Is in TAR, CPIO, DBR, AOS/VS, or ANSI format.

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Please use robtest to test mount. TN with robtest options:

Please also show output of the following commands:
tpconfig -l 
vmquery -m M02801


In robtest i'm able to move media from one slot to another as soon as i try to move it to the tape drive i get..

m s32 d1
Initiating MOVE_MEDIUM from address 1031 to 500
move_medium failed
sense key = 0x5, asc = 0x30, ascq = 0x0, INCOMPATIBLE MEDIUM INSTALLED


C:\Program Files\Veritas\Volmgr\bin>tpconfig -l
Device Robot Drive Robot Drive Device

Type Num Index Type DrNum Status Comment Name Path

robot 0 - TLD - - - - {3,0,7,0
drive - 0 hcart 3 DOWN - HP.ULTRIUM4-SCSI.000 MISSING_
drive - 1 hcart 1 UP - HP.ULTRIUM4-SCSI.001 {2,0,0,0
drive - 2 hcart 2 UP - HP.ULTRIUM4-SCSI.002 {2,0,1,0
drive - 3 hcart 8 UP - HP.ULTRIUM4-SCSI.003 {3,0,0,0
drive - 5 hcart 9 UP - HP.ULTRIUM4-SCSI.005 {3,0,2,0
drive - 6 hcart 7 UP - HP.ULTRIUM4-SCSI.006 {3,0,3,0
drive - 7 hcart 6 UP - HP.ULTRIUM4-SCSI.007 {3,0,4,0
drive - 8 hcart 5 UP - HP.ULTRIUM4-SCSI.008 {3,0,5,0
drive - 9 hcart 4 UP - HP.ULTRIUM4-SCSI.009 {3,0,6,0
drive - 10 hcart 3 UP - HP.ULTRIUM4-SCSI.010 {2,0,2,0
drive - 11 hcart 10 UP - HP.ULTRIUM4-SCSI.011 {3,0,1,0


C:\Program Files\Veritas\Volmgr\bin>vmquery -m m02801


media ID:              M02801

media type:            1/2" cartridge tape (6)

barcode:               M02801

media description:     ---

volume pool:           Scratch (8)

robot type:            TLD - Tape Library DLT (8)

robot number:          0

robot slot:            28

robot control host:

volume group:          000_00000_TLD

vault name:            ---

vault sent date:       ---

vault return date:     ---

vault slot:            ---

vault session id:      ---

vault container id:    -

created:               11/2/2017 9:19:00 AM

assigned:              ---

last mounted:          ---

first mount:           ---

expiration date:       ---

number of mounts:      0

max mounts allowed:    ---


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INCOMPATIBLE MEDIUM INSTALLED points to incorrect labels on the tapes.
Some libraries will only mount tapes if the barcode has matching L# suffix on the label.

Thanks Marianne,  i will take it up with my vendor who provide me the labels.