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Robotic library is down on Media Server

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Hello all

I am facing some trouble involving my jobs. All duplications are queued cause robotic library is down on media server (stu-msnb-hcart3-robot-tld-0, TLD(o)). It only occuors on deduplications. All 9 jobs are queued. There is other threads look alike this one, but a did not find the solution.


Try some commands like "vmoprcmd -d" and shows that

                               DRIVE STATUS

--> Drive Type Control Ready RegID

0        hcart3    AVR     NO      0

0        hcart3    AVR     NO      0


Also "tpconfig -l"

Type  Num  Index  Type   DrNum  Status  Comment  Name                                     Path

robot     0         -        TLD        -               -              -             -                                        (1,0,4,1)

drive     -         0        TLD        2              UP           -      IBM.ULT3580-HH6.000     (1,0,3,1)

drive     -         1        TLD        1              UP           -      IBM.ULT3580-HH6.000     (1,0,3,1)


Thanks all



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When you have this issue, if you run ...volmgr\bin\scan command on the robot control host, do you see the robot listed ?

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I doubt that you will find a solution in a NetBackup forum as this seems to be a hardware issue and NBU is merely reporting the problem. It seems that the OS is losing connection to the robot. The 'scan' command will confirm. Another place to look for clues is Windows Event Viewer logs.