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Run time analysis for all su-jobs in a Storage Life Cycle Policy

Level 2

Dear experts,

We "backup to Disk", then a "Duplication to tape" takes place.

In the Java Console it's easy to see the elapsed time for the "Backup_to_Disk" part, I usually search for a Client and/or a BackupPolicy.

In contrast, finding the corresponding "Duplication" Job is not that easy.

I would like to write a shell script, which provides for a given" Image_ID" or "Job_ID" the duration of both the "backup_to_disk" and "duplication" parts, preferrable into a CSV file which I can import later.


I have tried:

nbstlutil list -backupid <Image_ID>

nbstlutil list -jobid <Job_ID>


... Those get me all the parts in a SLP (one topic solved)  but those don't provide me the required values for the durations (that's what I'm missing).

Actually what I would love to get is a table similar to the example below:

Backup_Job_ID    Duration_Backup_to_disk  Duration_Duplication_to_Tape

1234567          01:20:00                 00:43:10


Has anybody have a solution for this ?


Thanks in advance


Level 5

Do all of your duplication job process only one image and then end? In most environments I've seen the duplications will process multiple images in a single job. If thats the case, it will be really difficult to get the image-level duplication timings you want because you will have identify the right job then parse logs to find the right image. 

Level 2

Sometimes it's only one image, often multiple images.