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S3 server activation on NBU and 5350HA

Level 4

Hello I'm trying to configure and test the S3 server for the MSDP storage provided in NBU 10.3.0.x. I've followed this guide but I've some doubts (I'm working on a 5350HA appliance, FlexOS4, media server

In the configuration section, I've got the certificate error as stated in the guide using this command:

/usr/openv/pdde/vxs3/cfg/script/ --catype=1

In fact in the credential path I've two certificates one for the primary server the media server is connected to, and one for another primary server to which the backups are replicated with AIR. To implement the S3 configuration I've used the --key/--cert options, using the primary server certificate, the first one.

S3 server configuration ended successfully, nginx configuration ended successfully, all is active and seems fine. How can I try to use or communicate with the server? I've tried to login in the browser in https://s3mediaserver:8443/ but I get an unauthorised error.

<Message>Access Denied</Message>

Thank you


Level 4

Anyone using this feature can help me?

Thank you in advance