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SAP Backup has been failing when using SAN Client

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NetBackup Master Server - RHEL 5

NetBackup FT Media Server - RHEL 5

NetBackup SAN Client - AIX 6.1 with HACMP / Configured app_cluster, added both cluster nodes in app_cluster


File level backups have been running fine with cluster host name (app_cluster in NBU database), SAP database backups have been failing with Error 247.

Found in attached "NetBackup SAN Client and Fibre Transport Troubleshooting Guide" that for database SAN clients we have to install NetBackup Client using database user, but unable to install NBU client using the database user as it installation file only allows root user to install the NBU Client.

In the attached file of Technote 288437, I found the following mentioned recommendations:

5.2.4 Database SAN Clients
Database agents require that the NetBackup client is installed as the Database user.  SAN Client backups write data to shared memory which is mirrored and transported to the Fibre Transport Media Server. Permissions on the shared memory require that the SAN Client is installed as the database user in order to take advantage of the shared memory. Backups and restores will fail without permission to write to the SAN Client shared memory.

How to install NBU Client using database user, or is there any alternate method of doing database level backups using SAN client with the NBU client installation using root user with giving access to the shared memory to root user.