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SAP HANA Backup Script TECH209343

Hello Together

Know someone if a doc exists for the following TechNote concerning "Scheduling SAP HANA backups from Netbackup"

Thanks for the feedbacks.

Kind regards



4 Replies

yes, it is a txt document

yes, it is a txt document without extension.

Download it and open it with notepad


Thanks, but I already

Thanks, but I already know that there is a file with extension. 

My question was if there is a pdf or similar to this Script/File which describes.


Maybe something here would be

Maybe something here would be of use initially (haven't gone thru' the links, sorry)?


I'm not sure what the

I'm not sure what the question is either, but perhaps what you're looking for is included in our documentation?

Portecting SAP HANA with NetBackup

(Hmm, we should probably correct the misspelling in the title there cheeky)

NetBackup for SAP Administrator's Guide