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SAP HANA multi-tenant DB backups with NBU 8.1.2 hang after sending some data and then fail

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We are attempting a Netbackup 8.1.2 backup for SAP HANA  multi tenant DB. The backups for the main index DB runs for a while and start sending some data (like 10G) and then stops sending data. It waits for a while and  times out which results in error 6 .  

We are able ot backup logs and SAP HANAS' SystemDB,  but not the main SAP hana index_db.  Can someone please help here. 

Backint log and backup log dont show much info. Veritas support keeps saying,  it could be a network issue, but we have tried backing up diffrent DBs on diffrent hosts and the backups hang at some point after backing up few GBs and  eventually fail. 

Has anyone placed similar problem. Please help. 


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Does backup pass a firewall to media servers ?

If yes, you need to set TCP KEEPALIVE on client, master and media servers.