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SAP online backup failed error 6

Hi All,

We have a backup SAP online backup using agent, it so far running fine but sudenly it has a problem (error 6). What could be the problem?  (I attache

Regards, and Thanks,


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Re: SAP online backup failed error 6

The log says you have issues with config file (did you try to read it btw?)

BR0278I Command output of '/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/backint -u PRD -f backup -i /oracle/PRD/saparch/.aexokktm.lst -t file -p /oracle/PRD/121_64/dbs/initPRD.utl -c':
ERROR: incorrect format or option in .utl file (-p)

Re: SAP online backup failed error 6

That message could be kind of a generic message at times. If you use the -p parameter with the .sap file instead that should be gone.. But we need to verify connectivity from the master to the client and vice-versa to start with.

If the client is not able to connect back to the master server you could see such a failure reported. Did you recently upgrade the master/client after which this issue has started?


Re: SAP online backup failed error 6

I am sorry everyone for the very late reply.

The problem solved, it was license expired problem. Currently we upgraded the NetBackup with new master server and netbackup version (to 8). At that time our SI just put temporary license. The license expired. The problem arised. After I apply the proper license, the probelm gone.

Thank you everyone the the attention.