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SLP Duplication Status 191 and 227

Level 3

Hi! we have a Duplication Job that fails with status 191 and on the job details, it shows:

cannot add fragment to Image Database, error = no entity was found

Info bptm EXITING with status 227.

When we checked the NetBackup Catalog, the images being duplicated are there. We also tried media verify and the verification was successful

The images that were to be duplicated are already past its expiration since the duplication keeps failing but is not expired yet since it is under SLP and hasn't been completed yet.

When we logged a support case, the support extended the expiration of the Images and ran manual duplication and the manual duplication was successful. And now we need to extend the expiration of every failed backup ID manually. 

We haven't encountered this issue before. Isn't the Duplication still supposed to be successful even though the image is past its expiration date to complete the SLP? 

Thank you


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Hi @jdelarosa 

Backup images under SLP control has infinity retention assigned, until the images SLP is completed, then the original retention is applied.


From my experience, keeping a eye on SLP backlog is important, since images not processed will pile up, and never expire until SLP complete.

Best Regards

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Hi @jdelarosa 

Is this issue related to one (or a small number) of SLP duplications or ALL SLP duplications?

As @Nicolai says, a backup image will not expire (normaly) until the following operation (e.g. duplication) has completed successfully, and will continue trying until it completes or is cancelled. 

What are you looking to do? Expire the images that should be expired but aren't due to incomplete SLP processing or are you looking to investigate an underlying storage (MSDP?) problem causing these SLP failures?


Level 3

Hi thank you so much for your replies!

Yes actually we really need to solve this as our FT Media Server is getting full, the images are piling up due to failed duplications

We need know the root of the issue as we need to be able to duplicate these backup images to tape so that we can expire the images on disk. This happens to only one SLP but not all backup IDs. When we tested manual duplication of some affected Backup IDs it was successful however those that run automatically through SLP still failed with status 191 and 227

We had a remote session today and the support told as that we need to Install the Golden EEB on our NetBackup Media Server version 8.2. The duplications are still running so we are still waiting to know if the issue will be resolved after we installed the EEB. Hoping it will

Will update also regarding this. Thank you!