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I have a SLP which has 2 secondary jobs as :

Replication to Remote Master

Duplication to Tape

My Disk pool at remote site is nearly full due to which lot of replications are failing. I need to cancel just the replication for this SLP. 

I know if i run command "nbstlutil cancel -backupid / lifecycle" it will cancel both secondary operation which i do not want.

Any help ?




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Maybe you can try this

-- cancel pending operations on selected image copies
cancel -lifecycle <name> [-destination <name>] [-version <number>]
[-before <mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS> | -after <mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS>]
[-nowarn] [-M <master_server>
cancel -backupid <id_value>] [-M <master_server>]

So the destination to remote master... to be honest I did never test it... maybe someone else did... you can even create some new SLP - similar to yours 2 current and try it out to do not cancel too many if this will not work as I believe it should have.

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You may be able to modify the SLP to only do the first duplication, then run commands to change the SLP in process to use the new version of the SLP.

Once you get things straightened out, you can add the second duplication back in.


NetBackup on Solaris 11, writing to Data Domain 9800
duplicating via SLP to LTO5 in SL8500 via ACSLS

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For Replication the destination storage unit is __NA__ (double under-scores on both sides)

If it is Targetted AIR, you would need to verify the storage unit by running "nbstl <slp_name> -L"

Once you have the storage unit i.e. destination name you have 2 choices.


1. Temporarily suspend only the replication jobs until your target storage server has some disk space freed up

>> To do this you can try

nbstlutil inactive -lifecycle <slp_name> -destination <storage_unit>

If its not targetted AIR the command would be something like this

nbstlutil inactive -lifecycle <slp_name> -destination __NA__


>> And once you have freed up space on the destination, simply run the same command with the switch "active" instead of "inactive"

nbstlutil active -lifecycle <slp_name> -destination <storage_unit>


The downside of this would be that the backlog for replication would keep growing


2. Cancel only the replications

"nbstlutil cancel -lifecycle <slp_name> -destination <storage_unit>"

"nbstlutil inactive -lifecycle <slp_name> -destination __NA__"

This would only cancel the pending replication jobs, if you run the policy again new replication jobs would still fail.


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I find it strange that @PatS729 has not been back sing last Tuesday to look for answers. 
Not too much of an issue then?