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SLP [duplicate backup to another disk ]

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Hi Experts,

Is there any way to keep the same retention as source backup to destination storage while duplicating data from one disk [ServerA] to another disk [ServerB]. I couldn't find this option while creating SLP policy.

Please suggest if this option is exist in netbackup.




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Hi dpx_99,


in commands reference guide I found:

-rl retention_level[,rl-copy2,...]
Provides a retention level for each copy that you specify.
If no retention levels are specified, the expiration date of the original copy is
used for each copy. If a retention period is indicated, the expiration date for
the copy is the backup date plus the retention period.
For example, if a backup was created on May 14, 2012, and its retention period
is one week, the new copy’s expiration date is May 21, 2012.
A value of -1 indicates that the original expiration date is used for the copy.




Hi tunix2k,

Many thanks for the response.

Can you please give me exact command syntex? as i am new in netbackup cli area, so only fimilar with GUI.



I wonder why you don't use the GUI to set this? 

When you add the duplication operation, there is a retention period (right hand side) you can set. Isn't it?

If you want to use command line:

# nbstl <slpname> -modify_current -rl <retentino_value>

Note: you need to get the <value>  from your retention level list.

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an example (Windows Master/Media)

"E:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd\bpduplicate" -Bidfile C:\NBU_script\2016\client1.txt -primary -dstunit mediaserver1-hcart3-robot-tld-0 -dp JahresBackup -rl 10 -v -L C:\NBU_script\2016\output_client1.txt

C:\NBU_script\2016\client1.txt is an ASCII-txt-file containing all backupimages (each line one entry like client1_<epoch_of_backup_start>

In your case it could be bpduplicate -Bidfile <path_to/bidfile> -primary -dstunit disk_serverB

If you have only a couple of images try watsons suggestion: Use the GUI

If you like to have more examples: search for bpduplicate in this community

If you want to have scripts (because of a lot of images) make a small testbackup and try with this one first.




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@tunix2k I think the question is about SLP config, not bpduplicate....

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Hi all,


sorry full speed on a wrong way !?


for duplication of existing backupimages from disk of ServerA to Disk on ServerB you should use bpduplicate

SLP will not duplicate existing images. you may use a policy with a SLP as backup target. If you create a SLP using the GUI there is no point like "same retention as source image" You have to setup a retention period. Default preselection is the retention used in backup step. I added 3 sreenshots as an example.

Setting up a SLP is a single job. I see no need to do this using commandline.





I tried to duplicate backup data from SERVER -A to SERVER-B [SITE-A] but got below error

Error nbjm (pid=9876) NBU status: 2107, EMM status: Requested media server does not have credentials or is not configured for the storage server


In Java console, Under Credentials=>Storage Servers=>your_storage_server , make sure both the media servers have access to the storage servers. 

Now, it depends on the Storage Server Type how you configure that setting, most probably you will have to log on to the actual Storage Server (DD, Exagrid, If Advanced directory check under Devices). Once you provide correct access to both media severs on both the storage servers you should be able to duplicate.