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SLP duplication for the first import backup in target domain

Level 4

Hi All,

New SLP was created at source Master Server, backup triggered and replicated to target master server STU and also image import completed successfully at target master server. Post to this, under Storage Lifecycle policies at target master server i can see the name of the SLP appeared same as created at source master server. Then i have modified the SLP policy at target master, i have just added duplication to tape job in it. My question is, for the first imported backup image, will the duplication run automatically or it will leave as it is and begins the duplication for next backup image from the point we add the duplication task in SLP policy?


Level 3


As far as I understand , duplicate operation specified in the target SLP will not effect the images which were created before SLP was modified and have already completed there lifecycle.You can verify that by using nbstlutil command on the first backup ID to see if there are any pending operation.

Level 6

As zach1 mentioned the duplication will not be applicable to the older image.

SLP works on the basis of version numbers. The first time when you created the SLP (Or NBU automatically created it after successful replication it would have been created with a version number 0) When you manually modified the SLP and added the duplication operation to it from the GUI - the new SLP version 1 would have been created. (The GUI will only show the latest SLP version) To review of get details of older SLP versions you need to go back to CLI -->

"nbstl <slp_name> -all_versions -L"

So for the previous imported images you would need to perform manual duplication if you need the extra copy. The duplication job will apply for all new backups which would be imported henceforth.