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SLP not doing the second operation

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I have an SLP that has two operations. First it imports images and the second is duplication to tape.

The first part of importing images is working fine but the duplication is not happening. Nothing happens at all. No failue but nothing happens. I see no duplication job but when i run nbstlutil report I see 187TB to be duplicated.

i tried disabling and enabling the SLP and i also tried restarting netbackup services and it didnt work.

Netbackup version: 8.1.1

OS Version: SLES 12 SP 1



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so, when you run nbstlutil report, all SLP's have attribute "active"?. if yes, then doublecheck if Duplication phase of SLP has opened its time window.

Is it a new setup or it was working for some time and then stopped?



yes the SLP status is active

I am using the 24x7 window

This in not a new setup. Some SLPs work fine but only a coule have this problem

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Hi @ngarart ,

if I understand correctly your problem, maybe this can be a problem of SLP version.
Have you changed this SLP? How many times?

Everytime that you change a SLP attribute it can create a new version of that was created previously.

Run this command --- nbstl -L -all_versions > /admin/nbstl_all_versions.txt

And take a look this TN

Modify old versions of Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLPs)

Hope this help.


If the duplication jobs are still not getting triggered and you are sure that all the SLPs and backupids appear to be in active state then you would need to enable oid 226 i.e. nbstserv logs on the master server to identify why they are not being selected for the duplication job.