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SLP not starting

HI Guys,

I am facing trouble with SLP's. even though the SLP's are activated they are not coming in any state (queued/active).

I have checked the nbstserv service it is running fine.

After recycling NBU the issue gets fixed but after 2 or 3 weeks it again stops running.

Any thought on this will be appreciatable.


Thanks and regards,


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Re: SLP not starting

Whenever faced with a strange issue, the first place to look is in the LBN listing to see if any symptoms/isues similar to one's own are listed, check here:

...and then also check the latest EEB guide for one's major version, in your case 7.7[.x], to see if any embedded fixes for your issue have already been applied to a later version, so check the EEB listing, and read every single entry in the manual:

...and if you still can't find anything specific or even similar, then raise a support case.