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SLPs are erroring with  sts_open_image failed: error 2060017 system call failed

Level 5

Some of our SLPs are failing with these errors:

- Critical bpdm (pid=182871) sts_open_image failed: error 2060017 system call failed

- Critical bpdm (pid=182871) could not obtain file size for, status: 2060017 system call failed

 - Error bpimport (pid=16143) Import of replica image, backup id, unable to process request.

- Import failed for backup id with status 228


(Our master servers are on 8.2), media and appliances are on 8.0/3.0)


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The error text for status 228 can be shown using:

bperror -S 228

...which states "an inconsistency exists in the catalog or a request was made that would be improper to satisfy".

If these SLP used to run just fine and you have no idea what may have changed recently in your environment, then perhaps you might consider opening an official support case with Veritas Support to determine root cause.

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You are giving us hardly anything to work with. 

The error seems to be with the (AIR) import. 
Does this mean that the replication job was successful but that the subsequent import job on the remote master is failing? 

If you don't mind, please confirm software versions of all the components in the chain?  

NBU version on source backup client?
Are ALL media servers (local and remote) on 8.0/3.0?
Local and remote master on 8.2?

Have you tried to check bpdm log (level 3 or higher) on remote media server?

Have you tried to run bpverify on problematic image ( ?

Yes, masters are 8.2, media are 8.0/3.0, clients are 8.0