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SORT pre-upgrade check from to

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I ran the SORT pre-upgrade check utility on one master server. It produced the following results

Preinstallation check result for OpsCenter Analytics                            
Check results:                            
    Initial install disk space for OpsCenter Agent                                Pass                            
    Initial install disk space for OpsCenter Server                               Pass                            
    Operating system version and CPU type for OpsCenter Agent                     Pass                            
    Operating system version and CPU type for OpsCenter Server                    Pass                            
    Operating system version and CPU type for OpsCenter View Builder              Fail                            
    OpsCenter Analytics version                                                   Pass                            
    Total system memory for OpsCenter Server                                      Pass                            

Install the following hotfixes for NetBackup                      

* TECH170965 (                        
* TECH174446 (       
Hotfix for BMR - After upgrading to NetBackup, Windows client backups with BMR enabled fail with return code=1.                        
* TECH172357 (                        
Duplication from a MSDP storage server to a PDDO storage server may fail silently and cause data loss when duplicated disk images contain 10 or more fragments.                        

Question 1.: What is Opscenter View Builder : It is compulsory ?

Question 2: I see the result asked u to install some hotfixes..Do we need to install them even if we don't use them, for example, we don't use BMR and do we need to install the hotfixes pertaining to these two ?





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View builder is not compulsary.

If you are not using the hotfix features, no need to install them.

Please consider upgrading to 7.7.x rather than 7.6.x as all versions up to 7.6.x will run out of support early next year.



Marianne - what is your preferred 7.7.x version? How stable are they?

NetBackup on Flex 5360, duplicating via SLP to Access 3350, duplicating via SLP to LTO8 in SL8500 via ACSLS

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For Opscenter view builder refer the link


It is not required right away.. and also not everyone is depends on your needs...


It does not stop you form using Opscenter

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if upgrading the master server - I think you ran the wrong SORT report. You shroud  run 1 instead of 3

Choose the Veritas enterprise product you want to create an installation or
upgrade report. If you are installing or upgrading multiple products, run
the data collector for each one.

     1)  NetBackup
     2)  OpsCenter
     3)  OpsCenter Analytics
     b)  Back to previous menu