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SQL Server Database with Data Domain DD3300

Level 1
Hello guys, I have installed Netbackup 10.1 On red hat 8 media server and master server , interface 10G for Netbackup and 2 Hyper -v virtual machine with SQL database availablety group with 10G interface and DD3300 with interface 10G .
Unfortunately our speed bandwidth 70MB/S , Do you have any advice to reach full bandwidth

Level 6

Hi @Hameedz 

The way forward is to identify where the bottleneck is occurring. This will probably take time. Involved in this is extracting data out of the database, sending it to the media server, then sending on to the DD and finally the DD writing to disk.

NetBackup does provide a tool to help nbperfchk (located in the support folder). There are options to send or receive data to disk or a network endpoint. Using nbperfchk with a DD may be challenging and you may need to look to other tools to check that part of the system. Details on the options can be found in the command reference guide. The nbperfchk utility can be used to check the network transfer speed between the SQL server and the media server.

I would also look to see how quickly you are able to extract SQL data from the database (can you send it to thee NULL device for instance?). 

Good luck