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SQL Server backup issue - error 13 and 25

I am getting error 13 errors - file read failed on SQL server backup jobs

10-May-2018 10:53:18 - Error bptm (pid=18756) socket operation failed - 10054 (at ../child.c.1287)
10-May-2018 10:53:18 - Error bpbrm (pid=34000) socket read failed, An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.  (10054)
10-May-2018 10:53:18 - Error bptm (pid=18756) unable to perform read from client socket, connection may have been broken

I also occaisonally get 25 errors on the same jobs - cannot connect on Socket.

These jobs are backing up to MSDP pools and they will happen on a few database streams the rest will go through successfully. When I re run the job I can get the error again or the job will complete successfully.

I do not have any such issues on OS / File system related backups on the same clients. I do not have any issues with NDMP backups or VMware backups either - these network glitches only ever happen on SQL server.

Backend setup is NB 8.1 (master, media) - Clients are on 7.7.3

any ideas?



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Re: SQL Server backup issue - error 13 and 25

Backups of large databases sometimes take longer to generate and send the data.

Have you tried to increase Client Connect and Client Read Timeouts on the media server?
A value of 1800 for both should be sufficient.

If this does not help, please ensure that all of these log folders exist:

On master: bprd (NBU needs to be restarted after folder creation)
On media server: bpbrm and bptm
On SQL client: dbclient