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SQL and my imagination

Level 4
maybe i've got this wrong, but it always seemed to me that when netbackup started a sql policy in Netbackup 5.1, the parent job would stay as queued until there was a drive available for it to use. yet with Netbackup 6.5, what we are finding is that the parent jobs all go active, and then we end up with thousands of child jobs sitting there queued until a tape drive is free. and to make matters worst, they all seemed to let filesystem backups take precedence, as if the sqkl backup priority was a minus value! please tell me i'm imagining this and that i'll wake up and everything will be ok! cheers

Level 3
With my SQL backs

Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Can you post the contents of your .bch file.

Level 4
i cant post it, but if you went into the nbu sql gui, and just created a standard batch file and left it unedited in any way, then the behaviour is there.

We usually edit it to change the batchsize to 5, and thats about it.