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SQL backup without Transection logs

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Hello Experts,

We have configured SQL agent based backup(SIP) backup but not capturing transection logs backup as it is backed up by SQL team locally on server.


I have few queries on this configuration and requesting experts to revert

1. Is this a recommended configuration?

2. If there is a request of SQL restore, can we perform on time recovery?

3. And SQL team is backing up Transection logs locally on server and if server crashed then we dont have transection logs to recover.. in this case are we able to recover the SQL database?



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I think it is unnecessarily complicated backup policy. If SQL team does not have a special reason for this, I'd backup also transaction logs by NetBackup.

As for 2/ yes you can restore , including point-in-time recovery, but you must combine two interfaces/two teams for this - NBU team/interface for db restore part and SQL team/interface for db recovery part.

As for 3/ you can restore, but to the time of the last NBU backup, not to the time of the last transaction log.




For point 3 - if you can't convince them to use NetBackup for all parts of the backup, can you configure a backup to capture the area/folder the SQL admins put the transaction logs? That way they are available to recover if required.

Another option could also to use a universal share which they can place the transaction logs (instead of the current location) - they have access to them and you can create a protection plan to "backup" them up for the required retention. This has pre-requisites on the media server etc.