SQL restore got stuck while "Begin reading"

I have a Netbackup6.5 on a windows2003 Server with SP2, i am successfully taking the backup of my SQL databases. i tried to restore my small databases around 100 MBs and they restored successfully. but when  i tried to restore my one database which is around 20GB of size, i am not able to get the success. initially when i tried to restore the big database it got timeout so i increased the timeout values of "Read and Browse" from 300 to 3600 in the netbackup server-->Host Properties. now what is happening the netbackup restore process started and just got stuck at the stage of "begin reading" for around 40minutes(but the time doesnt got stuct it keeps going on)

kindly help me out
Zahid Haseeb
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Also check client received timeout

Also check client received timeout & set to 3600.Also restart services netbackup Master Server services after changging setting. 

Also check...


Is the DB created? Any info/error in the NBU SQL GUI "view status"?

had this happen

what kind of hardware are you restoring it on?

we started to see this around a year ago as our db's grew past around 100GB and we were restoring on the old SCSI hard drives. works better on the newer SAS drives, but i still had this happen on the SATA drives.

my solution is to let the restore fail, but don't delete the db files that are created. start the restore again and it should work. i think it's a time out issue as the restore is creating the blank db files on disk

You should increase read

You should increase read timeout on the media server you are restoring from. We faced this problem before. and increasing timeout on media server made a trick for us.