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Scratch Tapes

Level 3


Tapes are assigned to the required volume pool once the existing gets filled up, from the scratch pool.After the specific period the tape again returns to the Scratch pool.

This is ok if its for daily backup.If we need to retain the tape in the same pool (e.g.,for monthly) and dont want the tape to move again into scratch what is the method in Windows and Unix




Level 6

When a tape expires it will be released back to its original pool. Normally barcode rules are created to place new tapes into the Scratch pool. The library inventory will read the barcode rule and place the tape into the Scratch pool. Now the original volume pool is Scratch. When a tape is needed by another volume pool for doing a backup it will pull the tape from Scratch and assign it to the new volume pool. .When the tape expires it will be released back to its original pool which was Scratch.

Create a volume pool called Zaad and place new tapes in it that have never been in the Scratch pool. When the tape expires and is made available for reuse it will still be in the volume pool called Zaad.

Level 3

Thanks for your comments.What if we need to keep the tapes for the same pool only.Because in Monthly Backup pool we doesn't want it to get rotated in the daily pool.

Is there any possiblity to restrict it from moving further to the Scratch?

Level 6

"Because in Monthly Backup pool we doesn't want it to get rotated in the daily pool."


Level 6

I think Bob is right on the money with both posts...He answered your initial post with the best method.  If you truly need to keep them separate then create different pools.  Generally, media will try to write to media with the same retention policies.  I am not sure why you need them to be so split up though.  The scratch pool is an excellent way to balance the needs of the environment without having to do to much in-depth analysis of "pool" needs.

Level 6

I understand that you have some tapes that require special tapes.

My Catalog tapes have a special barcode that starts with a C

I have some spcial tapes where I backup just a few servers to a tape for 7 years retention, these barcodes start with an H.

I don't want my C's or my H's to go into the scratch pool when they expire so I have a barcode rule to put them into their volume pools.

The only way I know to do this is if you get special Barcodes made for your tapes.  Places like dataSPAN (use to be Media Recover) make barcodes for your tapes, you can even ask them to be of a special color.  The color and the Letter on the barcode make it easy for me to SPOT the special tape when it is removed from the library.  And allows me to setup the barcode rule so the tapes go into the correct volume pool.

Level 4


If you have a set of monthly tapes you want to belong to the "monthly volume pool" all you need to do is manually move them to belong to the "monthly volume pool".  Once they've been assigned to a volume pool (not scratch) they will stay with the volume pool.
When those expire, they'll return to the "monthly volume pool" to be reused accordingly