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Script to Add the Exclude List in Windows Platform


We are using Netbackup and we are managing multipule Master & Media servers. Currently we are facing diffeculties with adding the exclude list for the clinet.

We are having around 1500 clients machines (all Windows Platform)., manually adding the exclide list is difficult for all 1500 servers and also there may be the error while addidng.

Any one have the script to add the exclude list from particular master server to all the clients for that master server.


If any have any idea, kindly share it.

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if you are talking about all

if you are talking about all windows clients..

the you can add them at a time from the GUI

in the master server GUI---> Host Properties---> Clients

select all the clients that you like to update and let them connect ..

once all the clients are connected.. ---> select all and click on properties..--> and  go to exclude list and update it.

it will update exclude list to all clients..

selecting 50-100 clients would be the better idea.


Please check this

Please check this post




select one server to build your master exclude list and then export this registry key to a file[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Veritas\NetBackup\CurrentVersion\Config]

You can then import this key on your remaining servers. Check with windows admin for tool to do it on all netbackup client servers.


I have had problems when

I have had problems when attempting to do more than 25 clients at a time using this method. Great success when using 25 or less but when wanting to do 1000 clients it would be better to do it through manipulating and deploying the registry key.


I do realize that this is a

I do realize that this is a month-old post, but noticed a new, similar discussion.

The solution is to use 'bpgetconfig' to obtain existing Exclude List, modify it, then use bpsetconfig to update client (one at a time).