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Script to get media ID, slot #, and media Status (FULL, IMPORT, etc)



I am trying to create a script that will search a specific robot for all Full Media and then eject them into the Import/Export station. 


So, far I have found this off of this Site, and works well....but there is still manual intervention.  I still need to identify, using the GUI which tapes are free and them create a .txt file.

for /f "tokens=1,2" %%a in (eject_tapes.txt) do "C:\Program Files\veritas\netbackup\volmgr\bin\vmchange" -res -m %%a -mt <HCART> -rh <robothostname> -rt <tld4> -rn <0>  -rc1 %%b -e -sec 1

"C:\Program Files\veritas\veritas\volmgr\bin\vmupdate" -rt <TLD> -rn <0> -rh <robothostname> -h <hobak1> -use_barcode_rules



I am looking for a way to capture the Media ID, Slot of all FULL Media and write iot to a text file, to the begininng of the script above.  If it is even possible.