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Scripting Maximum Job Time?

Level 3
Is there an easy way of scripting the termination of a job that has hung and still in active state for over 3 days for example as opposed to manually cancelling the job within the administration console?

I would like to essentially run a script which checks for jobs that have run past a certain number of hours and for it to cancel those jobs that have run past the threshold limit.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Level 6
The only way I can think of doing it is to identify the bpsched process on the Master server for the backup in question � and then kill off this process. But you then need to identify the bptm or bpdm process associated with the bpsched process, and then kill the bptm or bpdm process. So you have to do this for every backup job you want to kill.

Event if you can kill these jobs on the Master server you may not be able to kill off the bpbkar processes on the client. So it can get very messy��.