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Level 3

I'm trying to search for a file in a backup set. I've used wild cards and could not find it. I know it exists, to test if I was doing the search correctly I searched for a file that indeed did exist in one of the directories. I get the same error each time:

"WARNING: server (servername) does not contain any backups for client (client-name) using the specified class type (MS-Windows-NT) and keyword phrase xxxxxxx as requested by client"


The backup I'm searching for is in fact created by class type MS-windows-NT.

Server - Sun solaris 10

Version - Veritas Netbackup 6.5.1

Client - Windows 2003

Version - Veritas Netbackup 6.5.1

Restore type -  Normal


Level 6

run bpimagelist command on master server against the client and see if there is any active backup image and then confirm the same using policy type switch in command.


USAGE: bpimagelist [-media] [-l|-L|-U|-idonly] [-tape]
           [-d mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS] [-e mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS] [-hoursago hours]
           [-keyword "keyword phrase"]
           [-client client_name] [-server server_name]
           [-backupid backup_id] [ [-option option_name] ... ]
           [-policy policy_name] [-pt policy_type]
           [-rl retention_level]
           [-sl sched_label] [-st sched_type]
           [-class_id data_classification_id_guid] [-stl_complete]
           [-stl_incomplete] [-stl_name storage_service_name]
           [-M master_server...] [-v] 


one you confirm that you have an active backup image for that prticular client with particular policy type you can run bplist command to check for the file you are looking for 



/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bplist [-A | -B] [-C client] [-S master_server]
[-k policy] [-t policy_type] [-F] [-R [n]] [-b | -c | -u] [-l] [-r]
[-flops file_options] [-Listseconds] [-T] [-unix_files] [-nt_files]
[-s date] [-e date] [-I] [-PI] [-help] [-keyword "keyword_phrase"]
[filename] [-Listpolicy]
The bplist command shows a list of previously archived or backed up files
according to the options that you specify. You can choose the file or directory
and the time period that you want the listing to cover. Directories can be
recursively displayed to a specified depth. bplist shows only the files that you
have read access to. It lists the files only if an administrator account performs
the user backup. A non-administrator or backup operator cannot use bplist.
You also must own or have read access to all directories in the file paths. You can
list the files that were backed up or archived by another client only if you are
validated to do so by the NetBackup administrator.
If you create the following directory with public-write access, bplist creates
an debug log file in this directory that you can use for troubleshooting:



Enter the following command to list the files that were backed up on drive D of
Windows client slater and associated with all or part of the keyword phrase
"Win NT"
bplist -keyword "*Win NT*" -C slater -t 13 -R -l /D


Level 3

Thank you for the post, I did not think to try command line.


I don't have an active backup. I did however us a begin and end date and found the following:

./bpimagelist -d 08/16/2008 00:01:00 -e 08/17/2008 23:59:00 -client **** -U


    Backed Up             Expires          Files       KB                 C  Sched Type   Policy
----------------  ---------- -------- --------    ------------                        ------------
08/16/2008 12:08  09/16/2008  2120495 1578348161     N  Full Backup  NTServers
08/16/2008 12:00  09/16/2008       13    850853             N  Full Backup  NTServers



can I use a start and end date to search a specific time frame?

bplist -keyword "*.log*" -s 08/16/2008 00:01:00 -e 08/17/2008 23:59:00 -C **** -t 13 -R -l /D


Result from bplist command is "no entity was found" I know for a fact there are *log files all over that drive.