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Seeding for remote Vmware backup

Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified

Hi guys,

Seedutil works with client name, backup and with policy name.  Do you have experience with agentless Vmware and seed cache.

Here is example.

The remote site ESX Vmware is backuped to central NBU appliance directly (no backup host, no MSDP cache storage server, no media server is not installed in remote office. This is not possible )

Current backup policy must be changed and VMs from remote office will be tranfer to new backup policy = new name of backup policy. New name of backup policy = new record in catalog for img.

Is not possible to use some operations like:

1. Transfer vmdk file or backup file to central,

2. left VMs from remote office in the original policy name,   

3. Install agent to VMs

4. To use backup host/media server/msdp in remote office

We need start backup of this new policy with minimal transfer utilization. I 'd like use seedutil and fpcache where can use sclient = VMname1 dclient = Vmname1 and policy = OldnameVMpolicy. But, it is not supported. 

Any idea ? :)  many thanks