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Segmentation Fault(coredump)

Level 6
NB 6.5.4 on solaris 9 master
So i had a couple of drives swapped out and I need to update the serial number
Unfortunately I get a segmentation fault

This is the instructions I followed:
DOCUMENTATION: How to update Netbackup for a replaced tape drive without deleting and re-adding the drive

This is the error:
# tpautoconf -replace_drive ACS0-LSM0-P10-D4 -path /dev/rmt/36cbn
Found a matching device in global DB, ACS0-LSM0-P10-D4 on host roxanne
Segmentation Fault(coredump)


Level 4
Did you capture the core?  if so, i dont suppose it gave you any useful info?

the only time i have had to do this and had a problem, i 'downed' the drive that was being swapped, but some conscientious colleague working from home, saw the drive go down and upped it again right at the time i was running my tpautoconf.

the only thing i can suggest is trying to analyse the core, as the procedure does indeed work

Level 5
I got the coredump just for one drive, all the others worked.

Even deleting this drive with tpconfig didn't work, I had to delete it with nbemmcmd -deletealldevices

in the volmgr/tpcommand logfiles I got these errors:

14:57:38.465 [2067] <16> emmlib_GetDriveByName: (0) GetDrivePaths failed to return any drive records, emmError = 2000001, nbError = 0
14:58:57.837 [2145] <16> emmlib_GetDriveNameFromIndex: (0) GetDriveNameFromIndex failed, emmError = 2000001, nbError = 0
14:58:57.837 [2145] <16> DeleteDrive: (-) Translating EMM_ERROR_DriveNotExist(2000001) to 35 in the Device Config context

So maybe your device configuration in the EMM is broken too.