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Separating backups through 2nd LAN

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Currently we have all the backups going through LAN1 (PROD). We want to make separatation so that backups/restores use LAN2 (BCK LAN) when possible, as we have some clients/DBs that would still need to be backed up through LAN1 and due to hardware limitaions some are not possible to separate. We have installed separate switches for LAN2 and we have separate DNS. So now we have following 2 lets say domains:


We have one physical Primary (Master) server, and 2 Secondary (Media) servers that are virtual instances on Flex Appliance.

From what I understand, we will need to make following changes (not sure is that includes all):

  • Add name alias to tomcat certificate of master server
  • On master and media servers add LAN2 DNS entry in /etc/resolv.conf
  • On master/media servers/clients add IPs to the network interface connected to LAN2 switches
  • On master and media servers add persistant static raute for LAN2 
  • Probably add additional entries to bp.conf on all clients/master/media servers

Can you please let me know following:

  • Is there a way to set master and media servers to use LAN2 when possible and if not available use LAN1? Will this work?
  • Do all the clients need to have additional Ceritificates?
  • Do these steps look correct and is there anything more that needs to be added?

If you have any good guides/references it would be appriciated

Appology for all the questions and thank you for the help.



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from my experience, all comes to DNS resolving.
If a client is resolved by the master and media servers with the backup IP and vice versa, then the backup is working fine.
Some customers build a second DNS only for backup, some others use different names for the clients in the backup lan.
And of course, there is the hosts file you can play with.

  • Is there a way to set master and media servers to use LAN 2 when possible, and if not available, use LAN 1? Will this work?
    From my experience, this is not a backup question but a network question, as it is a DNS issue. If you manage to change the resolving, then you must run "bpclntcmd."-clear_host_cache" command.
  • Do all the clients need to have additional certificates?
    No, NetBackup will use aliases. I do not remember changing anything for the clients after transferring them to the backup LAN.
  • Do these steps look correct, and is there anything else that needs to be added?
    It depends on how you will be processed. Most time is try and error in the beginning. But, again, the most important thing is the name resolution.