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Services are not running on the media server

Hi All

I have faced on problem during the backup

When i have stsrted the backup backup is going into the quieeeand it shows the  message waiting for the resources.

I have check the services on the media server some of the services are not running.

nbnos Running 295106 1.7902702 16.73M Thu Jan 28 15:38:34 GMT+05:30 2010
vmd Running 933898 125.32909 5.57M Sat Jan 23 14:51:02 GMT+05:30 2010
nbsl Running 774284 3.0227091 26.41M Thu Jan 28 15:38:41 GMT+05:30 2010
ltid Running 827592 114.308075 10.52M Sat Jan 23 14:51:02 GMT+05:30 2010
NB_dbsrv Stopped    
nbjm Stopped    
nbrb Stopped    
nbpem Stopped    
nbemm Stopped    
bpdbm Stopped    
bprd Stopped    

when i tried to started the services i am unable to start these services.

Kindly help me

Umesh Sharma
3 Replies

All the stopped services only

All the stopped services only run on a master server.
Here are two TechNotes that will tell which services should be running on a media server and a master server.
Media Server services/daemons
Master Server services/daemons

Information in Details tab should tell you the reason for resources not being available.

Lic. issue

Maybe that should be a lic. issue.

waiting for resources

Check the availability of tape drives defined in the storage unit.