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Setup NetBackup Lan Free

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I would config lan free backup in netbackup  for os. I searched in different websites but I didn't find configuration.

The FC infrastructure is available and ready, I just want to configure the NetBackup 9.0.

1) Win2019 (master, media in a single physical server(Not Vm))

2) Netbackup

3-Tape Libary


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Hi,i dont see SANClient in Devices?Sann.JPG

Hi @Mostafa67 

You probably don't have a license for the feature then. Run the command:

C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd\bpminlicense -verbose | findstr SAN

And see if this line pops up: "Feature ID   =  84 SAN Client +". You can also look at the license keys under the help menu in the NetBackup java GUI and see if the "SAN Client" feature is listed.

If it doesn't you would need to obtain a license for this.



It's not "SAN Client" though is it. So you installed license diesn't have the feature enabled.

How is your environment licensed? Using what is called traditional licensing, in which case to get SAN Client you would need to buy it, or Capacity Licensing, in which case you may simply have to generate a new license. Or something else - best bet might be to contact your account team (or reseller) and ask them.


thank you your answer