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Shadow Copy during Flash Backup

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I am running FlashBackup of 2 very large volumes (36 Tb and 28 TB) to tape.   I got a message saying that the Shadow copy of one of the volumes was deleted because it could not grow fast enough.   I disabled Shadow copy on that drive and restarted the backup.   The backup seems to be running fine.   I was wandering if Shadow copy is actually needed during FlashBackup because it is not getting the changes anyway ?   Thoughts , suggestions  ??


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FlashBackup needs a supported snapshot technology.
On Windows, the default is VSS.

You need to ensure that there is enough space on a drive other than the ones being backed up.
If memory serves me right, all of this is explained in the Snapshot Client manual.
I have not seen customers using this in over 10 years because of various problems with this feature - one of which was constant issues with VSS.

Thank you for your reply.   The Snapshot drive has plenty of space (1.7 TB).   I was backing up both of the drives in parallel.   I think the system could not keep up with the changes.  (The error said that the Shadow copy could not grow fast enough).   I disabled the shadow copy of the drive that failed.   That drive is still processing, while the other drive completed