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Share Point 2010 and NetBackup 7.5

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Hi all,

I tried to backup Share point ( 4 Servers : Two application servers (front end) and two SQl servers (Clustered) back-end ), at the first we were not able to browse the Website resourses in selction list Tab, but when we change the logged user on Netbackup client service on SQl server with user has permissions on sql we browse the All Web and All Resources, NFS Client services is installed in all servers successfully. after run the backup job with enable GRT we got an error No 69, and if disable GRT we got error no 71, what I need to know what are the required permissions and p revilges for the user running NB client services on  SQL Servers and on Share Point and how to assigne these permissions. I followed up the document of Admin guide how to backup share point but that didnt help me. thank you all in advance for your kind cooperation.


Best regards,



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I will try this Tech Note:

I hope this will solve my issue.

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A couple of old TN's (referring to previous NBU and Sharepoint versions) but the basics should be the same:

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Hi Marianne,

I followed the same TN's that you mensined but i still have the same error

Code 69 "invalid filelist specification  : when Enable GRT

 NetBackup Status Code 71 (none of the files in the file list exist).: whiout GRT.


NBU Client Services log on Accout domaint user with full administration permissions on Share point and SQL,

I have this senario - Front End - Front End

---- Virtual IP is - Back End - SQL -Back End -SQL

--- Virtaual IP is

all Local Policies Setting as "Replace a process level token" and "Debug Programs" (Administrator Tools - Local Security Policy - Local Policies - User Rights Assignment) for all servers in the Sharepoint farm, backend SQL included.


I followed this Tech Note and still have this issue.

Share Point is 2010 Not 2007.

Really your support is highly appreciated.

Thank you all


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I have in all honesty no experience with either NBU 7.5 or Sharepoint 2010...
So, please forgive if 'generic' TN's do not solve the problem.
If I remember correctly, NBU used to have a problem with clustered back end SQL server. Will see if I can find it...

Please show us your policy config. On master, run the following from cmd:

<install-path>\netbackup\bin\admincmd\bppllist <policy-name> -U

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Hi Marriane, Find below the output of bppllist :



Policy Name:       SharePoint


  Policy Type:         MS-SharePoint

  Active:              yes

  Effective date:      03/29/2012 14:05:00

  Mult. Data Streams:  no

  Client Encrypt:      no

  Checkpoint:          no

  Policy Priority:     0

  Max Jobs/Policy:     Unlimited

  Disaster Recovery:   0

  Collect BMR info:    no

  Residence:           Disk

  Volume Pool:         NetBackup

  Server Group:        *ANY*

  Keyword:             (none specified)

  Data Classification:       -

  Residence is Storage Lifecycle Policy:    no

  Application Discovery:      no

  Discovery Lifetime:      28800 seconds

ASC Application and attributes: (none defined)


Granular Restore Info:  no

Ignore Client Direct:  no

Enable Metadata Indexing:  no

Index server name:  NULL

Use Accelerator:  no

HW/OS/Client:  Windows-x64   Windows2008


Include:  Microsoft SharePoint Resources:\*


  Schedule:              full

    Type:                Automatic Backup

    Frequency:           every 7 days

    Maximum MPX:         1

    Synthetic:           0

    Checksum Change Detection: 0

    PFI Recovery:        0

    Retention Level:     1 (2 weeks)

    Number Copies:       1

    Fail on Error:       0

    Residence:           (specific storage unit not required)

    Volume Pool:         (same as policy volume pool)

    Server Group:        (same as specified for policy)

    Residence is Storage Lifecycle Policy:         0

    Schedule indexing:     0

    Daily Windows:


Today I changed the client in the policy to the Active node instead of using Virtual name of the front-end servers and its works. both of Front- End servers are load balansing and I think it should use the Virtual IP.

when I use the Virtual name i got the errors.

Thanks for your cooperation


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I think you have to use the host name of any of front end servers as NBU doesn't

recognize MS NLB. in your case use the hostname of either server or server.



Best regards,


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Please use hostnames in policies, not IP addresses.
Just ensure that servers and clients can resolve hostnames to IP addresses and IP's back to hostnames.
If Reverse Lookup is enabled in DNS comms will be fine.

See p. 72 of NetBackup for Microsoft SharePoint Server Administrator's Guide :

Adding clients to a NetBackup for SharePoint policy
The NetBackup client software must be installed on each of the following: the
front-end Web server, the SQL database host, and the Index Files or the Index
database host. The client software does not need to be installed on the Search or
the Job servers.
Only add the client that is the front-end Web server and knows about the
SharePoint farm topology to the policy list.


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Please also confirm that you have configured Host Properties for ALL servers in sharepoint farm (front-end and all back-end nodes).

See p. 54 of manual (link above):

In the SharePoint client host properties you configure settings for the SharePoint clients you selected. Configure the host properties for all servers in the SharePoint farm.

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Thank you Marianne,

I followed all the steps you recommend and still I have a problem to backup share point using the NLB virtual name or IP, it is ok by using one of the Front end server name.

also iam facing another problem now in restoring, the job doent start and it is not appear in the Activity Monitore .. I cant know what is th error. If you can help I'll be appreciated.

Thanks All.


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Please double check that the virtual hostname can be reached through netbackup host properties. If this fails go ahead and check your DNS entries for this hostname.