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Share Point 2010 failed with code 71

Level 4
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Hi All ,
I am getting an error for share point backup  "netbackup none of the files in the file list exist(71)"
1 Application Server
2 Web servers (load balancing)
2 DB server Cluster MS SQL 2008 R2
All on windows 2008 R2
NBU 7.5 on windows 2008 R2
I have checked all the pre-reqiuste and share point resources can be seen with BAR from client.
C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>bppllist sharepoint -U
Policy Name:       sharepoint
  Policy Type:         MS-SharePoint
  Active:              yes
  Effective date:      05/01/2013 12:54:09
  Mult. Data Streams:  no
  Client Encrypt:      no
  Checkpoint:          no
  Policy Priority:     0
  Max Jobs/Policy:     Unlimited
  Disaster Recovery:   0
  Collect BMR info:    no
  Residence:           sspshdb
  Volume Pool:         NetBackup
  Server Group:        *ANY*
  Keyword:             (none specified)
  Data Classification:       -
  Residence is Storage Lifecycle Policy:    no
  Application Discovery:      no
  Discovery Lifetime:      28800 seconds
ASC Application and attributes: (none defined)
  Granular Restore Info:  no
  Ignore Client Direct:  no
Enable Metadata Indexing:  no
Index server name:  NULL
  Use Accelerator:  no
  HW/OS/Client:  Windows-x64   Windows2008   portal
  Include:  Microsoft SharePoint Resources:\
  Schedule:              SH_Schd
    Type:                Automatic Backup
    Maximum MPX:         1
    Synthetic:           0
    Checksum Change Detection: 0
    PFI Recovery:        0
    Retention Level:     1 (2 weeks)
    Number Copies:       1
    Fail on Error:       0
    Residence:           (specific storage unit not required)
    Volume Pool:         (same as policy volume pool)
    Server Group:        (same as specified for policy)
    Calendar sched: Enabled
      Sunday, Week 1
      Monday, Week 1
      Tuesday, Week 1
      Wednesday, Week 1
      Thursday, Week 1
      Friday, Week 1
      Saturday, Week 1
      Sunday, Week 2
      Monday, Week 2
      Tuesday, Week 2
      Wednesday, Week 2
      Thursday, Week 2
      Friday, Week 2
      Saturday, Week 2
      Sunday, Week 3
      Monday, Week 3
      Tuesday, Week 3
      Wednesday, Week 3
      Thursday, Week 3
      Friday, Week 3
      Saturday, Week 3
      Sunday, Week 4
      Monday, Week 4
      Tuesday, Week 4
      Wednesday, Week 4
      Thursday, Week 4
      Friday, Week 4
      Saturday, Week 4
      Sunday, Week 5
      Monday, Week 5
      Tuesday, Week 5
      Wednesday, Week 5
      Thursday, Week 5
      Friday, Week 5
      Saturday, Week 5
    Residence is Storage Lifecycle Policy:         0
    Schedule indexing:     0
    Daily Windows:
          Sunday     18:00:00  -->  Sunday     22:00:00
          Monday     18:00:00  -->  Monday     22:00:00
          Tuesday    18:00:00  -->  Tuesday    22:00:00
          Wednesday  18:00:00  -->  Wednesday  22:00:00
          Thursday   18:00:00  -->  Thursday   22:00:00
          Friday     18:00:00  -->  Friday     22:00:00
          Saturday   18:00:00  -->  Saturday   22:00:00

Level 6
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I have checked all the pre-reqiuste....

Please go through this checklist once more?

Please also ensure that log folders exist on each of the clients in Sharepoint farm. 
bpresolver on client name 'portal' will be a good start.

Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified

Yes, thats all has beed done and checked, 

Portal is the virtual name of 2 Node web servers, 

and also we have virtual name for SQL back end DB server.

Level 6
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You will need logs to troubleshoot.

Have you added virtual and physical node names under Distributed Application Restore Mapping in Host Properties?

Seems only Clustered SQL servers are supported in Sharepoint config.

See this extract from Sharepoint Admin Guide: 


NetBackup supports clustering of a back-end SQL Server in a Veritas Cluster
Server (VCS) or a Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) environment.

Level 6

from the Admin Guide:


To add clients to a NetBackup for SharePoint Server policy


Only add the client that is the front-end Web server and knows about the

SharePoint farm topology to the policy list.


Level 6

You said you saw the sharepoint resources on the BAR GUI of client, did you get the same error when you run a user "backup" from the BAR GUI?

Check application event logs and bpresolver logs if you have tried the above.