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SharePoint 2007 Restore Using NB Client 7

Afternoon all,

I suspect i have missed something obvious, so hopefully this should be an easy one for you all.

I have a successful sharepoint 2007 backup that i am trying to restore to another Sharepoint server and another SQL Server for the DB.

the SharePoint and SQL servers are all running Windows 2008 Std (and version 7 NBU Client)
The Master server is Windows 2k3 running NetBackup 7

I have created an empty sharepoint farm to restore into.

When i try to do any restores on from the sharepoint policy i get the dialog box saying "Restore has started, would you like to view the status?"  But the view status window is empty with no job being listed and no information (again blank) in the Verbose section.  No jobs are being started on the Master server either.

However if i run a regular flat file backup and restore from the same server it works perfectly.

I'm completely puzzled!

Thanks In advance


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I think in this situation the

I think in this situation the restore logs appear on the client for some reason. Have a look under ..\Veritas\Netbackup\logs\user_ops\.. on the client.

I had a look in the location

I had a look in the location you suggested, its creating the log files for each of the jobs but each one is empty. (Apart from the one restore of the flat file that worked)

This is even more random!

Marky Good Morning, Did you

Marky Good Morning,

Did you solve this issue? I have the exact same problem and just logged a case on Symantec Support.

If you did something to solve it, please let me know. I will apprecciate that.


SharePoint 2007 Restore Using NB Client 7

Hi Guy's,

I've taken ownership of the issue as Marky is working on other projects. Still no change. Any ideas?



Please ensure that you have

Please ensure that you have bprd log enabled on master server (NBU needs to be restarted after log dir is created).

Please post bprd log as attahment after restore is submitted.

Run BAR GUI from sharepoint frontend

Did you restore via master server admin GUI or the client (sharepoint frontend) BAR GUI?

It is better to use the latter, using master server tends to give us more problems.

Also, when running the BAR GUI, remember to "run as administrator". See if this resolves the "view status" issue.

From your notes, I suppose you're restoring the entire farm not GRT. The empty sharepoint farm you're restoring to, is it on the same source host? 

Hi Timmy H,  I had the same

Hi Timmy H,

 I had the same issue and Symantec Support worked with us to solve it. If you are using a Sharepoint Farm with more that one server it could help you.

 The did these steps I copy/paste from the NBU For Sharepoint Admin Guide:

Configuring restores for multiple SharePoint Server hosts:

NetBackup catalogs backup images under the SharePoint front-end server name.
To allow NetBackup to restore SQL databases to the correct hosts in a farm, you
must provide a list of the SharePoint hosts. Set the following configuration
parameters in the host properties for the master server.

To configure restores for multiple SharePoint Server hosts

1 On the master server, open the NetBackup Administration Console.
2 Select NetBackup Management > Host Properties > Master Servers.
3 In the right pane, double-click on the master server.
4 Select Distributed Application Restore Mapping.
5 Click Add.
6 For one of the hosts in the farm, provide the name of the front-end host and
 the name of the component host in the farm.
7 Repeat step 5 and step 6 for each host in the farm.
8 If the back-end server is a clustered SQL host, add the virtual name and the
 physical node names that the server can run on in the cluster.

After the change, the services where restarted and the restore kicked up again with status and a restore job in the Activity Monitor.

Hi, Thank you all for your


Thank you all for your help with this. I'm going to have a go at a few of the solutions over the next few days, but I may have to hold off until Monday as it's Financial Year End here and I don't want to effect the Year End tape run if I can help it!

As soon as I've tried the above solutions, I'll let you guys know how I got on.


Timmy H

Hi Timmy, any update on

Hi Timmy, any update on this?