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SharePoint 2013 GRT Restore

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Hope someone can help me with this.  I am trying to restore a single file within SharePoint (SharePoint 2013).  The restore completes successfully but we (NBU admin and SharePoint Admin) can't find the file.  The file we are attempting to restore is NOT in any of the SharePoint recycling bins (first place we checked), and doesn't seem to appear any where on the server.  This one has me baffled (along with Veritas support..:-)  Any ideas/suggestions regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.




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Is this a restore to the exact same location or different server and/or different location?

Do you have all of these logs?
master: bprd
media server: bpbrm
Restore client: tar

I am first of all interested in this section of the bprd log: 

.... <2> restorefiles:    browse_client =
.... <2> restorefiles:    requesting_client =
.... <2> restorefiles:    destination_client =
.... <2> restorefiles:    requesting_client_hostname =
.... <2> restorefiles:    destination_client_hostname =
.... <2> restorefiles:    requesting_user =
.... <2> restorefiles:    requesting_group =
.... <2> restorefiles:    progress_file =
.... <2> restorefiles:    rename_file =
.... <2> restorefiles:    policy =
.... <2> restorefiles:    client_type =


Can you please locate similar section in the log and post here?