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SharePoint Granular Backups

Level 5

Documentation says and I have seen in our lab that I can only do Granular backups to disk. However, my question is how do i transfer it to tape? Dupe it? Can i stage it? once i transfer to tape, will i be able to do granular restore ?



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Level 6

Yes, you can duplicate GRT data to tape using SLP, vault or simply normal duplication. Used to have performance issue for duplication (as it requires data rehydration) but I guess it's pretty much fixed now.

No, you can't restore GRT using the tape copy, if your disk copy has expired, import the image from the tape into disk and restore from the disk.

Level 6
Partner Accredited

GRT uses NFS components, Backup images are presented to app server to browse images, if you observe it properly  during expanding objects under BAR, you must be seeing restore job being initiated in Activity monitor (don't panic it's not your actual restore). With tape being destination it is difficult to achieve it.

For GRT feature destination storage has to be Disk. Presently it is not supported with tape. May be we get support if something new has been innovated :)