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SharePoint Portal server 2007 is a virtual machine

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Hi all,

Has anyone had any experiences with backing up a sharepoint server in a ESX environment?

What difficulties do you find?

Can anyone share their experiences with me?


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We are implimenting a new VMWare environment w/VSphere 4 which i believe is on the ESX technology. We have setup VBProxy and can snapshot servers lower than 2008 R2 with file granularity. R2 does not work yet and of course most of the servers are there. They will Snapshot if they are not running via this method for some initial backups but not practical in the working enviroment. We are at NB 6.5.5 Enterprise. I have a supposed strategy from the instal vendor for sharepoint server but he references Backup Exec so it looks kinda lame and inacurate from my first review. I should have some experience testing with it by the end of the week. Hope this helps a little.