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SharePoint farm GRT

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Is it possible to use GRT recovery for SharePoint farm? In documentation i see»

A farm-level backup provides a complete backup of the SharePoint installation. It does not, however, provide for disaster recovery, as some components must be backed up with an MS-Windows policy. Granular recovery is not available from this type of backup."

So is that means that i cannot use GRT with policies when i want to backup farm?

Maybe there is some another approach to backup farm and to be able to restore individual items?


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Hello Alex

NetBackup Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) allows the restore of individual SharePoint documents from the database backup. Netbackup perform GRT for ContentDBs. you can create one more policy apart from the farm level backup and configure the backup as guided in following technote. The selection for GRT backup will be Microsoft SharePoint Resources

Check this

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Above Para from Admin guide is confusing and is transparent at first stance, ;)

Thing is many customer prefer to use existing SQL server to use for many application, i.e. MOSS and Symantec Backup Exec, Altiris Solution uses same SQL server. (Though this is not recommended)

Now in this scenario if we look at licensing perspective i believe i myself would get confuse on that .

To save on licensing part, customer opt to backup all the SQL DB (this ensures backup team is only responsible for restoring SQL DB's , there after it's app owner's responsibility to get those DB in sync with MOSS (no guarantee for uptime, it may or may not work)

As far MS-Windows policy type is concerned, GRT would be supported, where application or database supports it.

Flatfile does not need it, itself is granular.

SharePoint , Active Directory and Exchange does supports this. so NBU and BE plays key role here .

At back end it's NFS mounts which plays


Hope above was informative to you