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Sharepoint Backup and restore

Level 3

Hi All,

I'm new to Netbackup and sharepoint, I've been asked to backup a sharepoint 2010 environment and while reading the  Symantec Netbackup for Microsoft SharePoint Server Administrator's Guide page# 53

I came across a section that I'm not quite sure on, I'm hoping that someone can clearify this for me.

I'm not sure what is meant by component host in section 6 below; if i have 2 front end servers and one database server




should i just make sure that the server are reference as follows

sharepoint01.local >sharepoint02.local

sharepoint02.local >sharepoint01.local

sharepoint01.local >sharepointdb.local

sharepoint02.local >sharepointdb.local


Below is an insert from the manual 

NetBackup catalogs backup images under the SharePoint front-end server name.
To allow NetBackup to restore SQL databases to the correct hosts in a farm, you
must provide a list of the SharePoint hosts. Set the following configuration
parameters in the host properties for the master server.

To configure restores for multiple SharePoint Server hosts

1) On the master server, open the NetBackup Administration Console.

2)Select NetBackup Management > Host Properties > Master Servers.

3) In the right pane, double-click on the master server.

4) Select Distributed Application Restore Mapping.

5) Click Add.

6) For one of the hosts in the farm, provide the name of the front-end host and
the name of the component host in the farm.




Level 6

Component host is the backend/SQL host, so your entries should be:

sharepoint01.local > sharepointdb.local
sharepoint02.local > sharepointdb.local

This setting is mainly for the purpose of restore. What it means in the admin guide is if you have deployed a 3rd front-end host only for restore, you will need to add it into the setting as well, i.e.

sharepoint03.local > sharepointdb.local   (shaerpoint03.local is the 3rd front-end)